Saturday 5 April 2014

Low roads and high roads

With G away on Wednesday and Thursday the days were pretty much my own. No-one else to worry about or cook for and the weather was lovely so I took off with the boys down the valley of the R. Bulbourne
My dogs are turning into right old water boys
 Trouble is, they still expect to sit on our laps whilst soaking wet and can't understand why we won't let them
 Wednesday we followed the River into Apsley and beyond

 Believe it or not that rather grand looking 'county house' is a MacDonald!
 so much wood to be had

this Heron has taken up residence opposite the boat
Thursday we made for the high ground up to Roughdown and Feldon commons
 the woodlands here showing less signs of storm damage

 with great views across the valley to Hemel
Looking out over Hemel the other side of the valley
Arrived home in time to meet G's Mum and Sister in The Fisheries for a drink on their way back up to Grantham - a very long day for them and I don't think Baxter will be going far for a day or two either.

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