Monday, 2 December 2013

We're still broke in Braunston

Hopefully that will change tomorrow when Big Jim comes out to fix our engine mount legs.
I just pushed the 'publish' button on the last blog and Brian and Diana from NB Harnser arrived and pulled alongside for a coffee

 Meanwhile, subsequently, I've been pretty much on my own. G's been off to retrieve the car from his daughter's and then visit his Mum - Muttley has made history by getting me up 5 times during the night after eating Daisy mouse gizzards. Other than being shattered, it's as good a place as any to be bust. I don't normally do 'honey spots' but Braunston, and it's residents, are difficult not to like.

I adore this doorway - somehow it's straight out of Robin Hood
 If you need an ugly oil tank in your front garden then this works for me 
 It's like the Napton windmill - you always have to take 'just one more'

So dogs walked, dinner on the stove and now just waiting for G to get back from doing his VHF course - him ex Air Force and me with a VHF Licence that doesn't count because it's aeronautical and not 'marine'. Bye bye another £100 in course and licence fees!


  1. Well on the plus side at least Baxter is OK... LOL

    Hope the engine is fixed tomorrow and Mutley is over his tummy bug...

    Is Daisey bringing home these morsels bacause you are under-feeding her??

    Did Graham pass his VHF course, does he know his Foxtrot from his Oscar now then? LOL

    1. Engine should be fixed tomorrow but it now seems all the bits might not be here. Muttley went through the night without waking me - hoooray!!
      Daisy ALWAYS brings stuff home - it's never going to stop now (anyone know the French for mouse?).
      After 17 years in the Air Force and 25 years living with me, I think G clarified his foxtrot oscars a LONG while ago x

  2. Nice photos... Lovely bridges. They knew how to combine function with style back then. So much better than today's concrete & steel.

    Hope you are both on the move again soon.

    1. Hi Alistair, lovely to hear from you.
      Aren't those bridges just fabulous. If we hadn't all gone digital these days they'd be costing me all my pension in development!

  3. Hi Jill,
    Yes I can definitely think of worse places to be stranded than Braunston, it does have a certain charm to it.
    Sorry to ask this on your comments section but I couldn't find anyway of contacting you. I love the blog and was wondering if you would mind me posting an rss feed of it on my narrowboating website? ( as I am compiling a list of my favourite blogs and would love to include Matilda Rose.
    Many thanks.
    Mark Hall (

    1. Mark thank you and absolutely no need to apologise, that is perfectly fine. I'm flattered that you want to include me! I'm not sure that I should have published your e-mail but you didn't say not to. Unfortunately I can't edit it out of your comment; it's all or nothing so stick a comment up if you want me to delete this - I'll check back before bed time

  4. Hi Jill,

    No thats fine, and thanks for that. No worries I don't mind my email being visible. I look forward to hearing more adventures from Matilda Rose.
    Many thanks again.
    All the best.

    1. Stay safe Mark - I'll TRY and keep you entertained