Sunday, 15 December 2013

It may have been drizzly

but we needed exercise after Baxter more or less confining us to barracks. My little water wood diviners soon found these, but they looked like they belonged to someone so ...... 
 Such a mighty railway runs through here but it's surprising how little the train noise disturbs you
 So it was off to Upper Stowe. 'Upper' being the operative word, but I reckoned it would do us the world of good and, let's face it, it would be downhill all the way home
 except things were not as they seemed - up hill, down dale, up hill down dale ......
 it's been a long while since I've climbed so many hills (I decided last year that I was getting to old for them - certainly multiple ones!) Nearly there now - one final push
 Gradually it starts to level out

 and the view from this place is amazing
 Wow! Location, location
 This path is my much loved Nene Valley Way again - a joy to be re-united

 Definitely a room with a view

 Sadly, of course, it wasn't downhill all the way home either - it was up hill and down, up hill and down, up hill .... and quite heavy going on that muddy trail

We were all feeling it a bit by the time we got back to the boat
 and needed a bit of a rest

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