Sunday 19 May 2013

The hottest bed on MR

This bed belongs to Baxter but either he (or it) seems to be massively popular with everyone else.Muttley is always trying to squeeze on beside him.
All visitors seem to make a beeline for him and Meg is not beyond pinching her share
 Then, when the family come visiting young Tylan goes wherever Baxter goes
 my poor long suffering dog - Tylan adores him
not to be outdone by her brother, Mileigh wanted a piece of the bed too
 in the end Grandad had to come to Baxter's rescue - which didn't help G's poor bruised and battered body after his previous days activities down the weed hatch
 We also had the pleasure of meeting Jan and Alistair off of NB Qisma and whisked Jan off with us on our morning walk today - not one of our better ones - and we returned Jan and Josh (their lovely Labradoodle) muddy and without the Sunday paper she'd gone out for in the first place (Sorry Jan)!
Our final Sunday lunch on board NP today as we go our separate ways next Tuesday or Wednesday. Excellent as always but I must point out that the chef was 3 minutes late putting it on the table.
After a cuppa and feet up for an hour, Sue and I set off passed Gayton Marina to Rothersthorpe and back via lock 9. A really lovely walk in the late evening sun and Muttley only found two dead things to eat - I really must remember to muzzle him at this time of the year!! Another fabulous day. Vic and Sue really do know how to do Sundays.


  1. Which way are you going? We might see you as we dash to Crick on Wednesday and Thursday.

    1. It would be great to see you but we shall be going to Blisswoth/Bruerne on Weds/Thurs for the next 10 days (kids and half term) before turning and heading up to the Welford Arm for blacking.