Thursday 9 May 2013

Pinned down by the wind

A dreadful 24 hours of weather - I can't believe we were doing this on Monday.....
Whilst the adults and older children were nattering, the little one concentrated on recharging
 so that he could stop everyone else from having a nap. The gang planks from boats to bank were irresistible to a toddler and kept everyone on maximum 'stop the child from drowning' duty
 you didn't really want a rest did you Dainion?
 But Dainion and Chenelle did manage to escape on the kayak for a bit
 Despite her efforts at camouflage, Chenelle never managed a nap either
 as for Sue .. mmmm. She says that she was using the sea searcher to find a missing piece from one of the games she kindly lent the children
 Daisy reckoned it was her turn in the kayak
 whilst Meg and Penny crashed out in Baxter's bed
Tuesday was declared a day of rest

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