Sunday, 5 May 2013

A birthday party and morning visitors - such a solitary lifestyle!

The views from our window on Saturday morning
 then we trundled up the hill to the village of Great Doddington - having been out on the Fens for 12 months my lungs are not very good at hills yet; several stops to admire the view were required!
a pretty village
home to the dog friendly (I think they were given a drink before we were) Stags Head where we went to celebrate Sue's birthday
a village full of traditional buildings

and this one - straight out of Grand Designs. I bet they had some hassle with the planning authorities as it's smack bang in the middle of the village
it certainly has one helluva view!
 after lunch we rolled back down the hill

 via Wollaston Lock
 luckily missing the downpours
 and back to the boats - I think I heard a little bit of moaning about the distance from a couple of blokes
 In the evening we went round to No Problem for party food and games - unfortunately the concentration levels deteriorated as the evening progressed so the games had to get easier in direct proportion!
This morning we had a great visit from Pip and Roger (NB Windsong) and their beautiful dog Ozzie (my pics of people were rubbish so I haven't put them up) who finally stopped playing with the rest of the gang long enough for me to get this picture - he'll sleep well tonight!!!!
Vic did us proud (again) with the Sunday lunch and in the evening we were attacked by hot air balloons that were struggling to both move and stay airborne - the wind completely died (hooray). The Heron was having no such problems
 Another lovely two days; but look at the state of my two

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