Saturday, 29 September 2012

The call was a good one!

When we woke yesterday morning we new that we'd made the right decision the previous day as this was the view behind
 The blackboard warns of a low airdraft and we wouldn't have got under the bridge to lock down at 2.0 metres. With higher tides now and more 'fresh' due at the weekend we could have been there a loooong time - it's nice to get something right for a change
so we set off for pastures new in sunny but windy weather only for the sun to disappear and the wind to increase - I started searching for a scarf for the first time this year and G really had to concentrate to get MR round the narrow marsh bends in the wind. Worse, we only saw two things to break the monotony.
This lovely barge
and this cow that thought the grass was greener on the other side halfway across
So we gave up and stuck pins in somewhere near Australia Farm. We had a very early dinner after which I set off with the dogs. The walk was equally desolate and the ground was covered in thistles so the dogs hated it - to our left is the first turned earth I've seen this season
 The only things to break the monotony was this pretty little cottage
 and the concrete bridge (which has no pavement and some bastard nearly touched my coat sleeve when he passed us) had a bit of a rainbow - oh, unless you count two little blue irrigation pumps!
 Who says money boats don't grow on trees

the two footpaths I tried both ended in the middle of impenetrable bramble bushes, so we gave up and headed for home; as soon as the dogs spotted the boat they were gone and curled up in their beds before I reached the boat - I only went out in the cold wind for their benefit. Oh well, at least we had an hour's exercise
 As dusk fell, the hay bales on the opposite bank grew legs
 and the cows gathered around to discuss the stranger in their midst - they were obviously bored too
 and then the heavy clouds cleared and we had a very pretty light display and G managed to get out and fish for a bit as the wind dropped and there's a special edition of 'Mrs Brown's Boys' on the box tonight ..................... mudder, fardder, kindly disregard this letter 

PS by the time you read this, 'Mrs Brown's Boys' will have been on last night

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