Monday, 30 April 2012

The morning after...

We awoke this morning from our first undisturbed night's sleep in quite a while. The wind had dropped, the rain had stopped and the beautiful sun was shining..... launching ourselves off of the boat, without coats or wet weather gear, these were the sights that greeted us:

These are were the steps down onto the pontoon lock moorings
The water from the sluice hasn't slowed down any
 Just expanded somewhat
 The permanent moorings a little way upstream are diminishing
 and a number of trees are getting their roots washed

 The Mill is growing it's own personal moat
The dogs thought all this water was wonderful and Floyd and Fletcher had their new harnesses to show off; Baxter shows Floyd how to model
 All this posing is no good for an action dog and even Baxter gets bored
 There's far more exciting things to be doing in this 'new' landscape
 Like drowning Fletcher.......
 .....quite a lot
 until you get the stick out of the water
 smart, safer dogs looking like dogs with a purpose (not sure what the purpose is yet!)
 and poor old Baxter still doesn't understand what the rumpus is all about
 oh well ..... time for a drink and a paddle
before going home for a 'double-decker' snooze


  1. Just love your photies...
    that Baxter is a treasure...
    Take care.....

    1. Thank you. I've given Baxter an extra biscuit on your behalf - he's had another long and exhausting day.