Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Here ends this morning's walk!

Once again my crazy intrepid neighbour suggested we donned the wet weather gear and took the dogs out - for the first time in a long while (due to the sun's guest appearance yesterday) my wets were actually dry when I put them on (you see it's not all doom and gloom).
I also had the 'brilliant' idea of encasing my feet in poo bags - unused ones - as even my trusty Berghaus boots aren't up to continuous submergence in flood meadows and I'm starting to get trench foot.
We were heading for the rubbish and re-cycling facilities on Ferry Meadows just outside of Peterborough (hence the back packs).
 That's our gate to the right. That'll be plan B then.
More and more of our choices are being 'cut off' but, as long as our access to the village stays OK we'll be fine for another week - after that we are going to have to find some kind of water supply. Does anyone have any spare waders?


  1. Please let the rain stop now - just for a week would do!

    I guess Graham's seen the photo of ID on Facebook - Richard will need a snorkel to get to her if the river doesn't go down soon!

    Stay safe...

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. Sue, G showed me the photo - it must be soo scary having to leave Indigo D there. Are either of you strong swimmers or, perhaps, you could get the heroic Ty to swim out and bring a rope back in his mouth?

  2. Maybe we should borrow Baxter and Muttley for the heroic stuff - we're not sure whether Ty can swim at all and at 38kg he'd surely find the bottom quick enough :-)

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    ps. In some ways I'm less scared off than on - if she did sink (please no!), I'd rather she did it while we weren't on board!

  3. I wouldn't put Baxter or Muttley in the same sentence as 'heroic' -the latter is very good at sinking.
    Blimey, I wasn't even thinking about sinking - more rope tensions and stranding I suppose - just check the small print on your insurance!!
    Appalled at the lock keepers response (re Yarwood)

  4. Mike Walsh, thank you for your comment re Ma Pardoes but somehow you have picked up a blog around a year old - I trust it IS still going strong. Where is Kirk Ireton - it sounds a bit Scottish?