Sunday, 15 April 2012

Farewell to Thrapston..

...time to leave the mooring of a zillion bunnies; Daisy is bringing home too many - most have been rescued but, sadly, not all. Rotten cat. As if she doesn't get enough Felix!

and some dogs won't accept that a chair is occupied
 similarly, some people won't accept that bin usage has been withdrawn; I commented on this to a local dog walker who said that the bin had been here (in use) for years
 so what will happen to the accumulating poo bags now, I wonder
 A quick check on the airdraft at the next low footbridge
 showed all systems go at nearly 2.3 metres

Later in the day we drove back to Northampton to granddaughter Chenelle's 8th birthday party - chaos and I still have a headache from the noise levels, but I'm sure she had a great time; they're off to Thorpe Park tomorrow - it seems that birthdays last longer now!


  1. So glad to see that you are all now safely on your way. Hope it hasn't put you off the lovely Nene.
    Re CCers, having been accused of being a sniper following my last letter to CB, I've decided these vicious attacks are not against the likes of GENUINE CCers like you all are but those who claim to be CCers and are clearly not! Attitudes are so hard to change! We need to invent labels to cover a wider range of boating styles!!
    Give my love to The Nene. xxoo

    1. Love to the Nene duly sent Angela. There are ccers and there are bridge hoppers - simple as that really