Sunday, 1 April 2012

Off to the Theatre

to see our Grand daughter Chenelle in her theatre schools performance at the Royal and Derngate Theatre in Northampton - rotten photo but, of course, she was a superstar
That's our girl; 5 to the right of 'Maria'

By a strange co-incidence, when I was last at my mum's she asked me to get a box of photos down from the top of her wardrobe and a few took my fancy enough to take a photo of the photos, including this one of me at my (don't laugh) ballet school annual performance

Yes, that's me - the grasshopper on the left - or stage right if you prefer; you see I still have the jargon!
See how my knickers are showing (nothing changes!) out of the bottom of my costume - how I hated that costume, all I ever wanted was to be a daffodil. Lonely petunias and onion patches come to mind.


  1. I didn't laugh, but I did smile! ;)

    There is no water available at Wellingborough embankment. The tap has been moved and it looks like it is still under construction whatever they are doing. Nobody was working at it today. No water either at Rushden and Diamonds.

    If you get desperate there is a place just downstream of Ditchford Lock on the left where there is a little shop.

    He also is advertising an overnight mooring 'with a pit'! Water too. A local boater thought it was about £5-6 a night.

    You could also knock the door at Doddington Lock and see if the guy will turn on the water for you. Moor on downstream pontoon for that.

  2. Thank you for the info Sue - is this the drought hitting us?