Friday, 27 April 2012

River in flood again but t'internet is back

Whilst it was naughty of Graham to put that video on of the weir stream, the navigable water is, of course, affected by all this lot hurtling down from Northampton and all fields in between. We did make it to Fotheringhay the following afternoon (late) and had a very jolly time socialising with Mark & Kate from NB Button End; Liz & David from NB Indulgence and Mick from NB ?. Great company and a very pleasant stay as always.
G broke a tooth over the weekend and had a dental appointment for Tuesday am in Oundle, so we decided to stay another day as Joe also needed to do an oil change. Tuesday they phoned and postponed his appointment until Weds pm so we decided to move after all; Joe firtling in his engine room and me driving the car to Nassington and walking back. So it was 5.15 by the time we reached Wansford Station (home of the Nene Valley Railway) and we called it a day - G walked back to Nassington to bring the car the remainder of the way whilst I cooked supper. It peed with rain until after lunch on Weds so we stayed put. A lovely spot, despite the weather.

 Thomas waiting for his 'face' of the day. My Dad was manager of the factory that bound the first editions of the Thomas the Tank Engine books and brought a set home - I wonder what they would be worth now had we kept them?
 The London bus is destined for Marble Arch
 The station is immaculately kept by the volunteers
 The trucks are in a siding waiting for repair/TLC - I remember having one like the one in the foreground in Dad's my train set. Nostalgia ain't what it used to be!
 Our moorings from the opposite bank

We made a late (again) decision to move to Alwalton on Thurs afternoon which is where we are currently safely moored. The River has been closed at Yarwell and it doesn't look like we'll be moving for a while. This is what we encountered coming out of Water Newton lock en route; no camera tricks, just a lot of bouncy water!!
 I took this one- handed standing in the well deck and 'strap-hanging' with the other hand (just in case)

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