Monday, 2 April 2012

Stand still and get washed

Three nights in a marina with shore power and water is a very unusual occurrence - anything not bolted down and small enough to fit in has been washed (oops, sorry Daisy). Curtains, dog beds, towels (Graham didn't fit). It hasn't, however, been the most peaceful of places for us as Muttley ate something disgusting and had a poorly tummy. Not so easy to get the dogs off the boat in this situation as we are moored across the ends of short, floating (bouncy) pontoons which the dogs don't like jumping onto. Then out onto the main corridor pontoon and through the security gate, remembering to take your key card or you won't get back in. One more length of pontoon and then you reach terra firma. All of this with a desperate dog and you wearing not a lot! I'm not sure how many trips we made but it felt like it was going on all night.

I thought these were luxury pig stys but it seems that they are 'camping pods'. Amazing
 This place is vast - hundreds upon hundreds of pitches for tents and vans
 The view of the Marina from the far side
 You can just see NB Yarwood along the end pontoon on the left
 The visitor to our side hatch this morning made a nice change
We're on our way tomorrow when Lesley returns - with everything clean and our batteries fully charged


  1. Poor Muttley and poor you - hope he feels better tonight.

    We enjoyed our stay at Billing Aquadrome - there's nowhere quite like it!

    Regards to you and the Yarwoods.

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  2. Muttley seems much better - just the grandchild to keep us awake tonight! You're right Sue, there really is nowhere quite like it! xx