Monday, 9 April 2012

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink

What a difference a week makes. The rivers are up but the taps are dry!

We left Billing last Tuesday and it was sad to see that the Coots had lost their battle - the nest had come to bits and the eggs were lost. I know it's early enough to have more, but if you'd seen how hard they worked to try and save it..
 We moored on planks by Earls Barton Lock and hunkered down in the relentless rain (yeah, I know we need it) for a day followed by a very lively evening of rope and lock adjustment to try and keep the boats on an even keel in rising and falling river levels - we also had to call out RCR as our engine didn't want to start - they turned up really quickly and fixed it in no time. This is Hardwater Mill at Doddington Lock
 Altogether way too lively - we'd hoped to moor at Great Doddington but low banks and rising water levels made that an unsafe option, forcing us to moor opposite the noisy factory in Wellingborough. We shopped at Tescos but (as warned by Sue on NB No Problem) there was no water.
 We moved on towards Irthlingborough with some trepidation about the dreaded bridge but the water levels had dropped and it was completely benign. Joe safely through
and MR approaching. We moored at Irthlingborough by the football stadium - again all services boarded over, pumpout locked and no water to the tap. What are we getting for our licence fee? The town is a bit of a hike with 2 pubs serving cold beer, 5 indian take aways and 5 chinese. We are told Higham Ferrers is nice (other side of the river), but we moved on.
Leaving Lesley to crew the two boats I drove the car into Thrapston and had a lovely walk back along the old disused railway line to rejoin the boats at Woodford Lock
Except the boats were still several miles away and in a queue for locks - rather than stand for a n hour or so getting cold with the dogs, I ignored the wriggly river path and took the short cut to Denford Lock
Where I found a very warm welcome (for me and the dogs) a log fire and a pint of Wherry at The Cock Inn
A very pretty village
and the others decided that they would stop and join me for Sunday lunch

Daisy thought that breasting up next to a tug deck with logs on was really good fun
and did her best to repel boarders!
until we all went out to play

Lovely place, great pub, with excellent food and well kept choice of Ales. Brilliant dog walking. We want to stay awhile but our water tanks are getting very low - however we still don't have enough headroom to clear the footbridge below Islip Lock.


  1. So pleased you enjoyed Denford, See you got into the mooring above the bridge which we couldnt get into.. no water when we arrived! We moored the other side of the bridge on the left, plenty of water there for future reference.

    Forgot you had car and bike, so you can monitor that Islip bridge. Once through there go for it, because the next one is a bit higher. The only one then you have to worry about is Barnwell Bridge just before the marina. There is nowhere to moor upstram of that, so if you have to wait then go through the lock and stay on the lock landing.

    Looking forward to you catching us up, be nice to have a cuppa or something a bit stronger.. :)

    1. We still can't believe we've never met up! We're going to have to start moving a bit faster to catch you....not today though!!!!

  2. Interesting how quickly the river has come up - we're moored on the Thames (Cookham Lock) - hope I left enough slack in the ropes :-)

    The (drinking) water situation sounds dire - hope you find a tap soon.


    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. G having palpitations at the very thought of you leaving her unattended on the river

  3. PS. Looks like you need to update your blogroll to my newest url, seems it is stuck on 10 months ago and also that of Balmaha who has also changed urls.

    1. Sue, this has happened before with Balmaha - I'll get the technical department onto it

  4. Daisy is such a poppet,
    especially being left to "repel the boarders"
    Lovely pics, hope you get water soon... in the tank that is.
    Thanks for your blog.

    1. 'poppet' is one word for it - I know 4 dogs who think 'dictator' is more appropriate. Nice to hear from you.

  5. The food was very good last time we at at The Inn at denford as its now called.