Saturday, 14 April 2012

A rude awakening....

....from the chap brested up to us overnight. From 6.35am he was running water, wandering around making the boats grate (he had ONE fender on board) and trundling down the gunwhales between the boats before finally leaving around 7.30. I know I'm a grumpy old woman but I do think you could be a little bit more considerate when brested up to someone. What's worse, and for security reasons I won't air this publicly, our perverse dogs never uttered a sound! We gave up and got up (again) - I once had dreams of staying in bed until 9 when I retired. Daisy decided to ignore the kerfuffle; these are her paws hanging out from under the blanket she sleeps within - disturb her at your peril. Incidentally, she fell in again when we were at Denford, it's become such a regular occurence I forgot to mention it.
 A fair bit of boat scrubbing was undertaken this morning on both Yarwood and MR. Joe was off in search of hardware and G off to his mums via a quick hello to NB No Problem so it was after lunch before we set off on the daily dog walk to find a new village.
 This little lot look a bit like a herd of buffalo in this pic but it's just a large flock of black sheep
 The view from one of the bird hides at Titchmarsh Nature Reserve
 Another village sign for my collection - this one is very detailed

 and back out again via the very pretty Mill and Titchmarsh Lock
 Somewhere along the way I warned Lesley that Fletcher was rolling, "he's just drying himself", she said. Labradors drying themselves? ...Nice fox poo Fletcher ....phoorrrrr!
 My brave little soldier in his muzzle
 Most of this missed us
and home again 4 hours later with Daisy, now out of bed, enjoying the heat of the evening sun

PS Both Lesley and I have had an identical weird (not nasty) comment on our blogs in the last 6 weeks. Lesley has a theory that its an auto advertising trigger so let's put it to the test; here's  what we think are the trigger words - flooring, carpets, tiles. Watch this space!


  1. Hi from Chris & Peter,

    Still following your most interesting blogs!

    I took o photo but cannot copy it to this comment, it shows your 'two' boats within the beautiful landscape of the sailing club. I think you may be able to copy it (if you want) from this link, it is a photography forum I belong to.

    Yep I am afraid this is my name~Bird Woman-Chris :)

  2. Hi Bird Woman (sorry - trying not to giggle), thank you for the photo its lovely. This is such a pretty area.

  3. Hello Jill,
    Great post and lovely pictures. I hope our paths cross sooner than later. Last time we met up with MR Graham was doing solo duty. I love the pictures of the paws. :)

  4. Thanks Jaq; hope you are enjoying your new life and the Llangollen in particular. Whilst your that way make sure you go down the Montgomery, it really is the best ever. We shall catch up sooner or later