Friday, 13 April 2012

Shall we..shan't we..?

By yesterday morning we were running at less than a 1/4 of a tank of water; way below my comfort level. So move we must, if only to the water point at the lovely Islip bridge on the edge of Thrapston; this is easier said than done coming downstream. Both boats went through the bridge, winded, back through the bridge and then reversed onto the water point. Whilst we took on around 300 gallons of water between us, Lesley and I went to weigh up the dreaded Islip footbridge - the airdraft was exactly 2metres so out came the tool kit again to find the extra 0.03metres! Off came one of the solar panels and it's mounting bracket. That'll do it said my ever optimistic husband.
I then went off with the car to pick up milk for  both boats and waited anxiously at the other end
by the mill and the bridge and was delighted to see that the river level had dropped a weeny bit
Not very high is it? Here come the boats then out of the adjacent Isis Lock
Joe's out first
with MR in hot pursuit
Easy peasy - Lesley shouts encouragement out of the side hatches
Loads of room he shouts (did I mention that he's an optimist?)
Loads of room eh?
Here it is in close up - you might fit a fag paper under there
Good job we took a solar panel off
Safely onto the moorings setting up in the sunshine and ready for a good natter with some
 really nice people

before a walk around the lake and a thunderstorm

Lost our lovely view in the evening when NB Waterloo breasted up against us overnight,
 but share and share alike

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