Thursday, 12 April 2012

Position unchanged as of Wednesday pm

G drove into Thrapston (the car can be useful sometimes) to check the air draft at the footbridge which was 1.9m - we need an absolute minimum of 2.03 with a full water tank (which we don't yet have). It's a no go again so Lesley and I set off on another walk; this time a circular walk into Ringstead.
Now some of you may need to sit down before you read on - we didn't stop at any pubs. I'm not sure if there are any to be honest - we passed The New Inn which was closed; whether it's closed closed or just not open lunchtimes, I don't know.
 We set off down the dismantled railway track which, on my OS memory map, shows it stopping as a footpath/bridleway at Woodford lock. It actually runs all the way through Stanwick lakes - very nice
 Floyd and Muttley charge off after a rabbit but didn't get within miles of it - all the same to Muttley if he did catch it as he is now wearing a muzzle - we're sick to death of him running off with dead, disgusting things and refusing to come back until every last bit has been consumed; this is followed by him waking us up 5 or 6 times a night to be let out - enough is enough.

 Ringstead church
 The village is OK, but it was the lovely circular walk which did it for us
We returned back across footpaths through oil seed rape to Denford and popped into the Cock Inn where we found the men having lunch - it would have been rude not to have joined them

By the time you read this post I am hoping that we will have filled with water and crept under the bridge onto the moorings by the Sailing Club on the far side of Thrapston - fingers crossed.


  1. Hi you two,

    This comment comes from Chris & Peter who you chatted to today, whilst you were moored at the Middle Nene Sailing Club.

    We so enjoyed having a chat with you today and we admire so much your way of life, it is obvious to see how much you love it!

    Well~we never saw kingfisher today but we had a very nice walk and popped into the Woolpack for refreshment before catching our bus back to Wellingborough, just got indoors before the rain came down.

    We thoroughly enjoyed reading the latest entries and look forward to reading further installments of your travels.

    Kind regards,

    Chris & Peter

  2. Hi Chris & Peter, glad you found us OK. It was lovely to meet you. Shame about the Kingfisher but maybe next time. Glad you got back before the thunder and lightning started

  3. So pleased to see you get under that bridge.. Now you can enjoy a bit more of the Nene.. Hooray!

    1. I see you have been paying close attention and reading the comments!!!! It was a close run thing when you see the pics.