Tuesday, 18 October 2011

This rams home the severity of the water shortages

Sunday lunchtime I dragged himself out for some fresh air after the excesses of Saturday's wedding and suggested we walk up to Edgbaston Reservoir - it should probably be re-named Edgbaston sand pit.
 This is also the home of the Midland Sailing Club which hosts sailing, kayaking and wind surfing courses - Nicholsons', for some reason, refers to it as Rotton Park Reservoir - it's certainly more Park than Reservoir at the moment.
 There's not a lot of water left for watersports
 I was amazed by the amount of mussel shells lying around - sadly all empty
 G's GPS showed us as being in the water
 All this is the reservoir bed - when Lesley  and I last walked this in January/February, the water was up to the tree line
 and right up to the bridge we are stood on - now there's only this little stream left. G kindly went all through our photo archives to find the pics I took here during the ice age but, for some mysterious reason, we couldn't find them. Every other walk that Lesley and I covered except this one It would have been nice to be able to, 'compare and contrast'
 Although we are further away from the BT tower here, it looks even closer

 A chap from the sailing club said that they had drained this reservoir 3 years ago (for repairs to the dam) and that there was more water in it when it was drained than there is now.

 G is standing below the dam wall

 These guys have found a bit left to play in

 I love these Victorian warehouses - they back on to the Icknield Port Loop which does not have a towpath

 So not really surprised to see a couple of narrers in the yard 


  1. There is a problem with a valve that's why the water is draining away it is due to be fixed soon and they are going to start pumping water back in, but at least it gives the staff a chance to clean up the lake bed.

  2. Thanks for the info; I thought the bed was remarkably rubbish free - the staff have done an excellent job. Your info is also reassuring as, if it was due to lack of rain, I was beginning to wonder if all boats would be nestling on the canal beds!