Sunday, 9 October 2011

Caxton's crew come out to play

The approach into Alrewas with Wychnor church on the hill to our right
 This weir is no more horrendous than many that we've seen on the River Trent but, because this little bit of the Trent is so tiny, you have to get way too up close and personal
 The village of Alrewas was as pretty as always and we wandered in for a drink at the dog friendly George and Dragon with Lizzie and Andy when we arrived on Wednesday (they do great value food).
 We found this Ford Pilot V8 lurking in a car port - don't be impressed, Lesley told me what it was; I can just about distinguish a Mini from a Roller
The following morning we waved a reluctant goodbye to Andy and Lizzie but they are also on a schedule and heading in the other direction at Fradley, whilst we were waiting for Floyd and Fletcher Joe and Lesley.
Nothing changes, although we hadn't seen them since May, Floyd followed all his old habits - shot into MR making a bee line for Muttley's food bowl (it always needs tidying up) then trying to climb on my lap and wash my ears
 After lunch Lesley and I walked our happy band of four down the River a little way.
 No prizes for guessing who was first in
So we arrive back at MR with four wet dogs and Lesley set about drying off Muttley. There's something about Muttley being up in the air that incites Floyd to riot - look at him eyeing up his chance
and then going for it.......grrrrrrr........let me rip his head off! It was lovely to see them all having fun together again
It was also very nice to see Lesley and Joe again after such a long gap - but don't tell them I said so!

We need, ideally, to be in Birmingham Wednesday (although Thursday will do). We should be OK as we only have one last hurdle, albeit a large one, the Farmers and Aston flight into Brum on Wednesday.

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