Saturday, 22 October 2011

Due to publishing Beefur's arrival this blog is a bit out of synch

We returned to B'ham City centre, from The Vale, on Wednesday morning with himself on MR and the dogs and I on foot when, being ahead of MR, I encountered the day hire boat with a skipper who had developed a unique steering style. We've all, understandably, seen people push the tiller the wrong way but this chap kept the tiller central until he encountered an obstacle, such as bends, bridges, etc.. I never saw him move the tiller at all - he just hit things and let the ricochet turn him. Unfortunately, the next encounter with an 'obstacle' was going to be Matilda Rose who was just through the bridge and on the bend. He bounced off the bridge (at full tilt of course) which deflected him straight across the bows of MR I ran back alongside him telling him to push the tiller hard away from me and G just managed to avoid him. I watched him continue merrily on his way, still with a central tiller, bouncing off alternate sides of the cut.
We stopped at Away2Service for diesel - 90p self dec - and coal, but the coal was ordinary household smokeless and at £9.00 for a 20kg bag we only had 2 bags to tide us over. A bit of an awkward manouevre from this direction as we had to wind and back in
to get our diesel tank alongside their pump, but G achieved it with enviable panache (just don't tell him I said so).
The wide beam trip boat held off in the bridge 'ole and waited for us to clear the narrows

Daisy stalks the pavement in disgust after her mouse glut at The Vale-the cyclists don't impress her much either - nor me. After 2 or 3 nights in Birmingham I am sorely tempted to run out the trip wires. What don't they understand about, 'dismount through bridges' and 'dismount through City centre'?
We moored up on the other side of the canal and on the 48 hours this time, as our favourite sunny spot on the 14 days' at the end of Sherborne moorings was occupied.
time for lunch and a rest before heading off for a walk - we really must get bigger chairs (or bigger laps).
The Heron was busy fishing and completely unfazed by our appearance
Not the only one out hunting - this cat was after a rat on the far bank
Very difficult to sneak up on things when you are so brightly black and white - we recommend you put a camouflage coat on your xmas list
So that'll be goodnight from Muttley

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