Friday, 14 October 2011

Aaaagggh! What are those doing on our boat?

Oh Lordy - they are mine - I haven't seen them in this state for at least 5 years. I only normally see them dangling out of the bottom of my shorts and disappearing into hiking boots and socks!

When we moved onto the boat, we both saved a couple of items of clothing for celebrations and funerals, which haven't seen the light of day since. With a wedding on Saturday we thought we'd better dig stuff out of the back of the wardrobe and make sure we had something halfway decent to wear as the following needed to be taken into consideration rather than panicking at the last moment:
- could we find all components; shoes, ties etc?
- had anything been eaten by moths or Daisy's mice?
- could we still fit into things?
Next hurdle was that we don't have a mirror (apart from the one over the sink) and I had a choice of 2 dresses and 2 jacket combinations; which meant consulting himself for a decision - I don't think any woman would be totally comfortable with accepting her man's decision 'blind'. Himself had a brainwave, I tried on the options and G took pics - whose a clever boy then and I agreed with his choice. It's at least 10 years since I've worn heels, but it's that or hiking boots - still, it is OK to take my slippers in my rucksack isn't it?
 Having sorted that out, I decided it would be a good idea to sort my normal clothes out - dig out the thermals etc and put away the summer stuff. As fast as I tried to put T-shirts away, Daisy burrowed in and dug them out again, so I sent her out mousing so that I could get the job finished - all sorted now, summer stuff under the bed and everything filed in a nice orderly fashion (for about 2 days). Sorry if my halo is dazzling you!
Seriously bored with all this fashion business, I set off with the dogs  (leaving G to sort out lunch), down the towpath to the Soho Loop, across the bridge and back down the other side. Lesley and I pounded this route on most of the 55 nights we were stuck here in last winter's ice age.
 This is what I call accessory territory (notice how the fashion theme runs 'seamlessly' through this blog). The territory of young men who have brass adorned Staffies on one side and a can of Special Brew on the other.
 The moorings here are fine, MR is the furthest away of the three NBs
 I love the way the architects have kept all the sexy curves to empathise with the original bridge arches
 The boys love being up higher and getting a bit of a birds eye view of all the goings on
 From the top of this bridge you can see both the main line and Sherborne Wharf running off to the right
 More bridges and more curves
 This is new on the Gas Street side of The Symphony Hall. Clearly past their summer best but a lovely idea.

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