Monday, 10 October 2011

Look who we found

We set off on Friday, on our own for the first time since the incident - this was the state of his ankle/foot and I'm not meant to be exerting myself - only gentle, limited exercise. We devised a plan whereby I booted him off at the entrance to the locks and picked him up on the way out. We waited outside the first lock for a boat to come down. I felt dreadful that I wasn't up there helping them...let's face it, it's bloody rude. I felt like making out a placard to hold up saying, "sorry".
 and look who popped out.....our mates Mags and Geoff on NB Seyella  who were going down to wind and come back up. We quickly appraised them of the situation and, once again, we had help.
So we set off for Fradley Junction in convoy
 With Seyella behind and Geoff closing our gates behind us before re-setting the locks for Mags
 On arrival at Fradley they just managed to grab the last parking space, whereas we were turning left down the Coventry. I actually persuaded G to let me do the swing bridge as it's very well balanced, but Geoff moored Seyella and sprinted round the corner before I even reached it - that man is fast.
 We moored up temporarily to accept the invitation to take pooches for a cup of tea, so here we are again, Mags Geoff and Graham
 Unbeknown to me, Floyd had been giving Muttley tuition on Thursday.  Muttley went straight onto Seyella, ate Megs' dinner and then started decimating her toy box-no manners, but Megs is very long suffering (and looking very smart after her shower this morning).
Back to front; Megs, Muttley and Baxter (trying to dissociate himself from his bad mannered son.
Great to meet up again and thank you for your help. 


  1. What time are you going up Aston?


  2. Should be at the bottom of the flight at 10.30am

  3. O.M.G.!!!! What has been happening to you blokes? Just caught up with your Blog & well!! Are you really O.K.?? Has everything gone "Bits" up for you this year or what? We are Polesworth side of Alvecote as I type, (Tues Night 11th), Bugger we we missed you being so close? Wont catch you now,you going Bir-ming-am-ham we to Crick, do take more care of yourselves, hope to meet up next year.

  4. Hi John, yes, we really are OK, we have had and continue to receive a lot of help - boaters are just the best. G has almost recovered and I was allowed to wield a gentle windlass here and there today.Not really been ou year!! I can't believe we missed each other by such a small margin, but I'm sure we'll catch you soon.