Friday, 21 October 2011

Missing - 2 blokes last seen heading in the direction of The Wellington

Having been relieved, last week; that we didn't have to wait until after the weekend for doctors' appointments they had the last laugh anyway - don't they always - by booking us in for routine flu jabs/bloods on Wednesday and Thursday this week so we had to come back into the City Centre again Weds lunchtime - never mind; found out NB Beefur would be in town Thursday night and we are both heading off in the same direction towards Oxford - looking at the stoppages, Oxford seems to be the only viable route this winter without going North or West and it keeps us reasonably close to the kids.
"What's that then?". "Don't know - but it just went up that tree". "Was it a wabbit?"
G came with me on a walk around the Soho Loop
The ever present BT tower
There really is no shortage of 'countryside' round here
The biggest problem is the amount of food lying around - we thought we might end up having to  muzzle Muttley (our Labrador in training).
The residential moorings on the Soho Branch
The four miles took us an hour and 20 mins, which gave G enough lee way in his calorie count regime for a couple of pints with Dave from NB Beefur when they arrived - just as well as it turned out.

I've never seen this funghi before
Aren't they beautiful? Does anyone know what they are?
Offices at the front of Winson Green prison
 Back round to the Main Line again
and here's Beefur
Just time for the quickest of  'hellos' as Sue was dashing off to catch a train back to her mum's for a couple of days - Dave and G arranged to go to the Welli later and said they'd just have a couple of pints and then ring me when they'd got back to The Prince of Wales for open mic night in case I wanted to join them.
Now the Wellington, normally, has a choice of 16 real ales but, to their horror (well that's what they told me) they discovered that they'd landed in the middle of The Wellies beer festival with 40 real ales on.
So, If you see two guys of average height and average build with very big smiles on their faces, would you send them back to NBs Beefur and Matilda Rose.


  1. If you've gto nothing better to do Jill you could try sending that fungi photo to:

    Maybe they can identify it.

    Because a lot of fungi which have white gills are deadly poisonous I think it's not a good idea to eat them!

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  2. Sue, I gave them to Graham for supper before he went out - could that be why he didn't come back from the pub!?