Monday, 3 October 2011

Setting off from Gunthorpe to Nottingham....well that was the plan

A long row of Cormorants basking happily on the weir barrier
Stoke Lock - not manned by your usual friendly lockie - was way too exciting for my liking; very glad I'd put the crystal away after washing up that morning.
Despite Holme Lock not speaking to us either and the lights being red, the gates were open with this pretty little ketch waiting for us! I think the lockies must have had a late night up the pub or something. I asked this lockie if Stoke Lock was being manned by a volunteer that day and he responded with a monosyllabic, "no". You think he could have shown enough interest to muster a, "no, why?" (reminded me of having a 15year old teenage boy again) - oh well, I suppose we all have our off days.
This teeny weeny fishing style ketch was covered in beautifully painted roses and castles - my grandson would love it, I didn't catch it's name as we were having a few problems.  

Just as we approached the lock we lost power, but that's the next story!

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