Sunday, 23 October 2011

Starting our Southerly migration

We left B'ham again  late Friday morning and set off towards Kings Norton Junction and the North Stratford Canal to start heading down towards Oxford. Most of our fellow friends and bloggers appear to be already down there and heading back up or, like us, starting to move down there now. Oh well, it should be a jolly party when we all get stuck on the bottom together due to water shortages. It's difficult to wish for water though whilst the weather is so beautiful - perhaps a few drops at night would be good.
 I loved this frothy seed clinging to the fence between the tow path and railway line - the leaves look like clematis 
 We'd hoped to stay overnight on the Bournville moorings, but there was no room at the Inn.
 I love King's Norton town and it's moorings by the park (just go straight on towards Worcester and you can moor just on the right). The town has retained it's own identity and traditions with farmers' markets and Morris dancing. Goodness knows how they've avoided being eaten by the suburbs of B'ham. G wanted to press on a bt, so we hung a left onto the N. Stratford  towards Warwick.
 I think this is such a pretty, quiet (amazing when you think of it's geographical location) and understated Junction - no razamataz here. Realistically, probably because there's no pub within stone throwing distance.
 The decorative spire on King's Norton Church -mostly 14thC
 Quite a tight turn and G had to wait whilst a good natured crew pushed, pulled and dragged their hire boat round the turn and under the bridge
 Then through the King's Norton stop lock with the two wooden guillotine gates mounted in iron frames.
 I jumped back on the boat here to finish off dinner and stick it in the oven as we intended to moor just through the tunnel by Lyons Boat Yard. A bit further on the bank was under repair.
We took on 10 bags of Taybright at Lyons, which earned us the choice of a free bag of, either, kindling or logs. If you're in the market for batteries, Gary reckons he can do you one of the best deals. We spent ages chatting to him and Sarah and lost all track of time - it was only when I realised that my souffle was sinking aand my beetroot burning that I realised it was nearly 6.00pm and we hadn't even had lunch.
It took us 4 attempts to get MR into the bank-there is not a lot of water in this canal either


  1. Mmmmm souffle.

    I wish we had stopped at Kings Norton junction when we passed through recently. I didn't know about the nearby moorings either.

    If you have one of those magnet thingies and want a free windlass, you can have mine from the canal bed by the landing stage at the second manual lift bridge you come to.

    Nb Herbie

  2. Neil, sounds like you dug out the best bargain; the one with the swivelly handle. I have a serious problem with those bridges and will make G do them, so I shall encourage him to go fishing for your windlass.