Saturday, 8 October 2011

Our Good Samaritans-the amazing crew on NB Snowgoose

Having had MR rescued by Shangrila on Thursday, they moved off on Friday whilst we had a late start and stocked up at Sainsburys. We moored at Derwent Mouth lock in front of NB Snowgoose, owned by Lizzie and Andy whom we had not met before, but took our rope and invited us round for a drink later. We hadn't been there for more than an hour when I decided to pull a full blown drama queen stunt. It seems that I had a TIA or mini stroke and it was alright for me as I was blissfully unaware of anything but was, apparently, not unconscious as I was trying to co-operate with their instructions (that'll make a change for me then!).
Upon dialing 999, there was a fair amount of difficulty in explaining where we were and the ambulance went to Shardlow - about a mile away (see previous blog).

Graham, having torn a calf muscle several days previously, ran the mile down the towpath in the dark and a mile back again carrying the paramedic's bag whilst Lizzie and Andy looked after me - they then moved Snowgoose up to Shardlow, in the dark, whilst the paramedic (who was seasick) attended to me. Persuading another boater to shift so that they could moor near the ambulance, they then walked back to MR to walk the dogs and back again - doing the same thing again at 6.30am.
Graham returned in the morning and they helped him move MR to Stenson (10 miles and 5 locks) for easier access to Derby hospital. ( When G returned to the hospital, his leg was such a mess after his adrenalin fueled run on the existing injury that they offered us the bogoff; stroke unit for me; A and E for Graham).
Once out, they continued to help walk the dogs and stayed with us until Thursday helping us through all the locks to Alrewas as neither of us was in a fit state to do much (we are only trying to move as we want to get to Birmingham for a boater's wedding).

We really have no way to re-pay such kindness; I just hope they'll accept this little blog as a tribute to their wonderful natures - I bet they'll be more careful about who they invite round in future though! I jest - I know they'd do it all again.

If you are going to have a crisis, I strongly recommend you try and have it in the vicinity of Snowgoose's crew!

PS Lizzie makes a wicked roast dinner


  1. dont you meet nice people on the cut. glad you both are ok. phil and sally

  2. Don't you just: talk about the kindness of strangers.

  3. Hi Jill, Graham, What a stroke (seriously not meant as a pun!) that you were with such kind and helpful people at such a serious time. We hope that you're both feeling better now. Kind regards, Carol and George

  4. Paul and Elaine, if you are who we think you are, and with a bit of luck, you should be joining this wonderful community in the not too distant future!

  5. Hi Carol and George, yes we "struck" gold there. I put a comment on your blog re the fab bird pics and Clifton Hampden being one of our favourite spots when we had a little cruiser on the Thames 20 odd years ago called "Contented Souls II". Hence the blog name. Although it said comment accepted it, obviously, vanished - along with the comments left on Seyella and Caxton!!!!

  6. Hi Jill - we did receive your comments as above - see link - - for my reply. Carol