Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A nice drama free weekend

We moored, on Friday, between Huddlesford and Whittington on the Coventry Canal where they are constructing - yet another - new marina. The strange thing about it is that, although it's only partially dug, there is no plant on site; almost as if it's been abandoned.
I was glad to stay put for a couple of days and it gave 'us' the chance to log and store the wood we'd collected over the last few weeks and sort out the contents of the top boxes - I prefer to play Beverly Hillbillies in private.
 We left quite early on Monday, passing under bridge 78 which is the official change from the Coventry Canal to the Birmingham and Fazeley; it's odd changing canals without a junction.
Passing through Hopwas we found NB Snowgoose moored up (our Good Samaritans), so we stopped off for a cuppa with Lizzie and Andy. They weren't meant to be here as they had booked a winter mooring down on the Aylesbury Arm and were looking forward to a nice, sociable xmas with the very friendly Aylesbury Club. Due to stoppages and closures for the new marina, they realised that they would be unlikely to get out again and up to Nottingham for their re-paint...that'll be plan B for them then.
Our plan for Monday was to turn right at Fazeley Junction, do the first 3 locks of the Curdworth flight and moor at the Dog and Doublet.
 By the time we reached Fazeley Junction and watered it was gone 4.00pm and we'd had enough, so we called it a day and moored overnight.
 There was a time when you wouldn't have dreamt of mooring here, but it's all rather smart now; masses of new buildings before the turn

 juxtaposed with the old canal buildings after the turn

and then you're straight out into open countryside. The trouble with stopping short is that it makes the next day's journey even longer as we are people with a wedding mission - we've already missed the stag and hen nights.

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