Thursday, 22 September 2011

Who nicked the wood?

Leaving himself to watch the rugby, I set off in search of the Co-op and a hair cut. Having checked with BW for permission to harvest the wood I decided to check on it. Horror of horrors it was gone.

Then I realised somebody had been in to saw it and had put it in a heap by the rear fence. Thank you very much, it was now in manageable pieces ready to load so I abandoned my shopping trip and phoned himself to move the boat up whilst I started lugging it down the bank to waterside.
Daisy took the opportunity to do a bit of her own type of logging.
Having loaded the wood onto the roof I resumed my trip into Saxilby village

The village has a couple of pubs and shops, plus greengrocers, butchers, bakers (no candlestick makers) and a florists. Also a fish and chip shop and Chinese. What more could you want? We haven't done this area justice due to circumstances beyond our control - we shall, however, be back to do it properly another day
On my return we headed off for Torksey Lock.
The tides are getting a bit funny now and are very low so we locked down about 4pm and.struggled to get out of Torksey Lock due to the low tide (and this was high tide!)
I took this from the fore deck looking back into the huge lock - just before we got a little bit stuck
and then back out onto the tidal waters and into a head wind.
Getting a bit cocky now - moored here at Dunham on tidal waters. An early start tomorrow to catch enough water after sunrise.
A narrowboat confused it's left and right and has been stuck on a sand bank just up here for at least 12 hours (that'll be the other left then!!!).


  1. Thats one of our favourite moorings. Just be sure to set some spring lines because you could well get big commerial vessels coming past. Narrowboats tied on just a couple of ropes and cleats have been known to rip the cleats from the pontoons. The pontoon at Gainsborough now doesnt allow narrowboats for that very reason.


  2. Tnanks guys, We shall heed your advise next time, but on this trip we haven,t seen any commercial traffic whatsoever and I know Jill was looking forward to meeting one at Normanton Sands!