Sunday, 25 September 2011

Things that go bump in the night - we only moored under a conker tree!

Despite an excellent evening at Cromwell with Les the lockie and fantastic offers for lifts to shops and station we decided to head out into Newark in the morning; winter is a coming and the tatties are being harvested
A new couple with their first brood (how do you know that, but you do?)
Even this big boy looked exhausted after his summer duties

Safely moored up in the lovely Newark - once again having to throw dogs up off  of the boat onto high moorings as the only low ones (48 hours) are still permanently occupied (mostly) by the same boats as when we went down, I really should go and have a word but it's so tiresome.
Madam is happy, but we are anxious in case she falls in off of the roof level moorings.
I thought we were being invaded in the early hours this morning - lets face it, when you are in a town and your roof is level with the towpath.........we've only gone and moored under a Horse Chestnut tree and the conkers are starting to drop on us. Nowhere else to go, so probably not a lot of sleep tonight either!

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