Sunday, 18 September 2011

Now at Saxilby

G up early this morning to watch the Rugby - I stayed in bed and ignored him. We both then had long showers and topped up with water before moving on the 5 miles to Saxilby. I gave the boy a break and took the tiller for an hour - it's so boring, you couldn't see over the floodbanks and with only two bends and 3 oncoming boats to, potentially, crash with I had a job not to nod off and keel over the stern. Not one ml of adrenalin to keep me awake.
The day, however, did perk up considerably when G's cousin Claire, her husband Steve and their gorgeous children (adults) Adam and Emma picked us up for lunch and gave us a preview of Lincoln before returning for a looksee round the boat.
An hours chilling and then Les and his dog Gyp turned up - the lockie from Cromwell  - for a quick drink on his way out for an evening with his daughter.
The day will be rounded off with the start of the new series of Downton Abbey.....perfick 


  1. The towns and villages along the way, make the boring river stretches worth while. We especially enjoyed Woodhall Spa, a bit of a walk from the Witham, but lovely. Lincoln and Boston are great too. Have a good time.

  2. Well done Jill, a 'tiller girl' after all...
    Nb Caxton

  3. Ian and Karen, I've just re-read my post and realised I've given the wrong impression. It's driving the boat that I find boring; it's not something I normally do and I don't enjoy it - the area is stunning!

  4. Lesley, if only my legs were longer my kicks could be higher. Interview with the Bluebell girls next week xxx