Monday, 19 September 2011

There is too much role reversal going on on Matilda Rose

As we did the short run into Lincoln (Roman name Lindvm) we somehow ended up with me driving whilst himself was washing up and cooking rice. Now how did that happen? Which would I rather do .....der? Mind you, if it's raining...............

Well I managed not to rip the chimney out under any bridges (largely because there weren't any!)
A lovely gentle cruise past all the various and nefarious different boats moored on the approaches to the city.
(we included this narrowboat named Chance)

Plenty of upping potential here.
The Glory Hole that we travel under

We moored up in the City to have a good poke about - city pics tomorrow, but we moved out a couple of miles later rather than shutting Daisy in. It's getting dark so early now.
PS. Still haven't recaptured Daisy's latest missing mouse- haven't even found it's food source yet!

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