Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Newark To Gunthorpe

There is no denying that Newark is stunning
This pic shows G and Baxter playing musical chairs - needless to say, Baxter's reactions are quicker!

A lovely run down to Gunthorpe in beautiful weather

More Cormorants on sticks

We just managed to slide through Hazelford before they closed it to do some repairs to the sliders
They sent in a massive great crane
I took the opportunity to do a bit of barracking before walking the dogs and the rubbish
Down the lane we encountered this pussy cat (no - it's not Daisy).  Muttley thought it would be great fun to take chase - he quickly re-evaluated his position!!!
The weir here is spectacular

Yet again the mooring leaves us throwing the dogs up onto the bank (I must ask Indigo Dream how they managed with the big hounds).

First guy we've seen river sailing
Little Egret
and a glorious sunset
Time for bed

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