Saturday, 24 September 2011

Daisy goes for another swim

A beautiful, albeit windy, evening on the Dunham pontoon - we kept Daisy in for fear she would be blown into the deep and rather fast running water and, to be honest, fears for her safety on the rivers are running me a bit ragged at the moment.
Up early this morning to catch some water with the tide (did you notice how nonchalant that sounded?) and the warning sign
that Bear Necessities didn't head/ missed/confused left and right that left them stuck on a sand bank overnight with two dogs (or so we are led to believe, but stories quickly become apocryphal). The tide floated them off again this morning and they passed us at 7.30 am looking perfectly calm and unscathed by their ordeal.
Much as I normally hate mornings, I have to admit it was a beautiful start to the day
and we left in glorious sunshine
with Herons in all directions
No escaping the power supplies, but the spaces are wide open enough to absorb them without offence

Cormorant on a stick

A loading point for the 600 ton gravel barges - but we haven't seen any. My eyesight is definitely deteriorating!!!
This is the run into Cromwell Lock
They don't look that serious but this is the end of a summer without any rain, Les Heath has shown us some photographs he took in 2007

where this picture would not have been possible, the entrance to the Lock was at the top of the wall in front and the weir didn't exist.


Which takes us off of the tidal bit. We moored up above the lock on the floating pontoon, we had been there less than two hours and Daisy fell in - again. It would seem that she was enjoying the evening sunshine, rolling on her back as she is inclined to do when sunbathing and Plop.......


  1. Interesting - Bear Necessities went aground on Wednesday 21st - no surprise really since her skipper cut up the inside of every bend and overtook us two corners before Normanton Island on the inside of a bend. This was at low water. When she suddenly veered right I remarked to my wife, 'I wonder how shallow it is over the sunken island?' Less than a minute later we found out. Anyhow they must have returned to Cromwell before Friday 23rd because when we headed south from Torksey there was only a barge pole on Normanton Island to indicate they'd run aground there. Hopefully she's learnt that you need to treat tidal waters slightly differently. We'd noticed she didn't have an anchor, lifejacket and obviously a chart when she left Cromwell.

  2. It really beggars belief, have people no fear or just no common sense?