Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Time and tide wait for no man,,,,,,

Woke today to a horrible grey day...... G was locked into the rugby and the rest of us were ..well.. locked into sleep..
 Not an ounce of enthusiasm.....
 ....could be found anywhere.
 We finally sorted ourselves out and dragged everybody out for a circular walk passing the Police underwater search team vehicle parked in Burton Waters Marina

 Rock'n'Roll has regenerated (sorry Carol)

 The camouflage is amazing but Muttley still found him/her..everytime the frog jumped Muttley shot into the air

 We finished the walk with a pint on the moorings and then made a decision to move back to Saxilby ready to help BW out and 'tidy' up the wood I spotted on Sunday. As it was raining, the old order was restored and he took the tiller whilst I did some food prep - another cracking day.
We need to start making our way back now as the tides are getting low and the aegir thingies are coming - MR was never designed for surfing!
PS Daisy's mouse still not recaptured.

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