Thursday, 15 September 2011

Now this is what you call a view!

Location, location, location. The ruined remains of Newark Castle from our side hatch at tonight's moorings - you can't buy it. Only problem is that the wall we are moored against is higher than the roof of the boat; bit of a problem with the dogs, but we'll think of something. Wait til you see the floodlit versions which (I'll try) to put  up tomorrow (I really haven't mastered this beast yet).

A pleasant day today, but chillier. We passed through Gunthorpe and Hazelford locks (still playing 10 4 rubber ducks) and just loved the wide open spaces of the river - not to mention having all the locks pre-set for you!

We've had our 'last night of the proms', our normal symbol of summer's end, but we were determined to get to Newark
and, hopefully, Lincoln before we head back for the safety of the canals for winter. We don't do rivers in the winter because he only has a little one (prop that is).
Aquarius passed us today, we think she's a Harland  and Wolff
All sorts of interesting vessels around - that's another thing I love about summers on the rivers.
Fisherman playing King Canute?

Passing the gas power station looking quite moody in a glowering sky.
The massive Averham Weir - you so wouldn't want to mess with that when the water is running. The barricades only cover a third leaving the other two thirds for the canoes to play with.
The approaches to Newark-on- Trent

The Castle Barge; a 94ft floating pub that was a former Spiller's grain barge. We'll have to check out the real ales I suppose - it would be churlish not to support the boating community.
Talking of which, we had a great pint and an excellent light lunch at the Bromley Arms at Fiskerton Wharf when we stopped mid-day to give the dogs a run. Thoroughly recommend it on quality, choice, friendliness and price.

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