Friday, 16 September 2011

They say dogs take after their owners.......

In G's absence I took the dogs out last night for last wees. Muttley took off like a rocket after rabbits and my sedentary Baxter boy found a hedgehog - bless.......hedgehogs and tortoises are more akin to Baxter's pace of life.

The front of this building in Newark has clearly been listed; behind it is nothing - a bit like the facade of a Hollywood stage set.
This is now a cafe and the pic below is more "fake frontage"

The Castle only has a sort of front wall too-this is the other side of the night pics.
The signal here is dreadful, these are the only pics that uploaded out of the 20 we tried for.


  1. where has Graham gone then, or have I missed a bit of blog?? Hope you are faring ok on your own.
    love Pip & Rog xxx

  2. We have haven't seen a hedgehog for ages!! and Mutley? .... just wants to eat it!! The Trent is on our 'to do' list. Newark looks really nice.

  3. Pip, just mislaid him overnight to his mum's. On my own is good -very peaceful and a lot less work!!!

    Angela, Muttley has spent too long with Caxton's Labradors - everything is now food potential. Newark is stunning; loving the Trent and, so far, not scary. Move it up your 'to do' list