Friday, 5 July 2013

It's going to be a rocking weekend

The purveyor of G's new musical instrument has arrived in his motor home as he is in the same band as Bruce, our newly made friend on the boat opposite who has been kind enough to feed us lots whilst we were busy with the painting. G will be back on the train tomorrow and a large B B Q and musically rocking evening is likely given the excellent weather forecast.
 Meanwhile I continue to enjoy the weather and potter around this lovely countryside with my boys

 I don't think, in our five and a bit years of travelling, I have ever met such a warm and welcoming bunch of folks as these guys in the two small marinas down the Welford Arm and the inhabitants of the village 
 It's such a great spot, but it will be more than time to move on on Sunday

This little convoy came passed today - very pretty. You wouldn't want to be stuck behind them though.

The man in the white van who was (stuck behind them) had the decency to have a big, fat, resigned grin on his face

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  1. Come on Jill, play where are all the photo's of a gleaming MR?
    Release the beast and let us see her..
    X Lesley