Wednesday 31 July 2013

A tramp 's just nicked my umberella

Returning from an evening of Cuban Salsa at the horse tunnels in Stables Market, Camden; G took the dogs out for a pee and narrowly avoided Muttley peeing on a tramp in a nearby doorway - in the process of preventing Muttley's instincts to pee on anything rising from the ground, he recognised our parasol nestling amongst the tramp's possessions. It had been residing on the roof in my kayak when we went out and is now  back,residing inside MRs cabin for the night.
Indignant from Camden

Having got that off my chest I will resume the story of our early morning eviction from Paddington Basin.
So oiked out of bed, unwashed, hungry and wet we headed down the Regents Canal towards the three Camden Locks resigned to the fact that we would miss out on the London experience. We tried to appreciate the posh houses and the zoo through the rain but, to be honest, we were both a bit glum.
Just as we approached the first lock landing a chap with a windlass walked back to us and asked if we were going down the locks or looking for a mooring as he was just leaving a mooring on his widebeam. Karma. He pulled out and we snuck in. Nothing to attach the stern rope to as we were longer than the WB, but we used the mud weight again. Brilliant. A quick shower and dog walk and we were off for a massive full English and an explore.

We returned to MR mid afternoon to walk and feed the dogs and the rain stopped and the sun appeared. We then dined out on Tapas courtesy of our Tastecard before ending up in the Cuban Club. A very long day.

We shall sleep well. Oh, and there are a few noisy surprises around MR if Mr Tramp decides to make any more incursions.

 Someone went to a lot of trouble to differentiate between the ladies and the gents in this establishment

Update Wednesday am - tramp still asleep, hopefully not cuddling anymore of our possessions, and we were only briefly woken once during the night.
 Despite giving the impression of being party animals last night,we were actually back on MR with our cocoa by 9.30 last night - I just wanted to look a bit cool to Dougie and James for once, instead of the bumpkin I really am


  1. We don't believe you, I am sure you were out later than that? Doug xx

  2. We weren't; but it was closer to 2.00am this morning - you would have been proud of us last night!