Friday 22 March 2013

We're on the starting blocks

Left Ely after lunch yesterday and moored on the EA moorings by The Ship overnight. Woke this morning to delightful waves in a 20 knot wind; at which point G had a lovely vision of hanging a sharp left into Salters in a howling gale with the flood water pushing us down on the ebb tide.

 At this point we decided we weren't going to play.

After a stiff whiskey  coffee and breakfast we modified the plan to cut out the trip down the Little Ouse (Brandon Creek) for fuel and just run dead straight down wind onto the lock moorings at Denver and see what we could sea (OK, just the salty bit).

 So there they were still hard at it

And here we are moored up to the high lock landing out of the worst of the wind on the non-salty side.
 Muttley has been on a course of steroids and anti-bios for 2 weeks and is currently drinking and, subsequently, peeing for England. G is going to get very fit over the next 24 hours with all of the lifting him up and down - never mind; good practise for Holland (did I mention that?)

 They'll let us through this one (the 'pusher' tug thingy went through earlier) but Salters still looks unlikely - but hey ho; we can't get through if we're not here.
I wonder if G's reversing skills cover reversing back up river again into Denver Lock!
Just a thought, if it hadn't been for the drought and stuff we could have been sitting here with Seyella, Windsong, Rock'n'Roll  and, I think, More 2 Life - funny old world!



  1. Fingers crossed for tomorrow then! Good luck! Sounds abit scary to me. NB Beefur

    1. Sounds (and looks) scary to us too! Loving your pictures - glad we haven't that lot to contend with as well.

  2. Good luck! That wind is going to be tricky, will be thinking of you in the morning while I keep NP tied up for the day!

    Take care you both

  3. Hi both, do you know, it hadn’t occurred to us that if it had not been for the drought in and then the bad weather May/June we would have perhaps been sitting there with you! Would have been good company though with all the boats together! Keeping our fingers crossed for you both.

  4. Ditto to all that Carol said. Congrats for achieving the Grreat Escape. Can't wait for you to negotiate the Nene - let us know when you reach Northampton and we'll come and lock you up the Northampton Arm. Pip & Rog xxx

  5. Thanks for all the good wishes - they worked.

    Pip; that would be brilliant and Ozzie can keep the boys entertained. We will not leave March until after 9th April; then everything depends on the vagaries of The Nene. Yarwood may be moving on sooner but we have a family commitment and then a car to sell.