Wednesday 27 March 2013

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ....puppy home

G, Muttley and I all had appointments back in Ely at different times today, so we availed ourselves of Debbie and Kevin's widebeam Avalon in return for a bit of  Ted the Airedale sitting. Crashing out on their sofas with our books was a bit of a treat and we struggled to drag ourselves off of them for dog walking.

By the time we returned from our walk poor Ted's life had been changed forever -   meet Herbie

 The most super cool and laid back pup you could wish to meet. You'd think that a long car journey and a new home (not to mention Ted and then, later, Baxter and Muttley) would have left him shell shocked - not this guy!
( Sorry, blogger won't let me change the size of anymore photos)


Muttley was the only adult dog to get nipped - Ted kept himself out of the way and tried to ignore the elephant in the corner all over his boat. Baxter? Well he's been there, done that...
So, with Kevin off for a beer and us returning to MR at March, we left Debbie protecting her furniture and teaching Herbie the new prefix to his  name; 'NO'
We'll think of you charging about Debbie whilst we're sat with our feet up enjoying a glass of wine


  1. Hi G & J,
    I understand you're having the same problem as I had with Blogger. I think it may be a ploy by Google to "nudge" users over to Google Chrome. If you're using Internet Explorer, it seems Blogger place limits on how much you can do. I don't know if this is intentional, however, I tried Google Chrome and was able to enlarge photos and add a caption.
    All the best,

  2. Hi Kevin, I think you're right so we've gone back to Google Chrome; although we had problems with that (I can't remember what now) before and went back to Explorer! It's just annoying when you're trying to get something done quickly and then it just stops working the way it normally does.