Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Reach for your sunglasses-not due to the sun......

..........but for fear that you should be dazzled by the brilliance of my halo and the sparkle from my oven.
Whilst searching amongst the 'stuff' in the cupboard under the sink the other day, I came across a present from Lesley (NB Caxton/Yarwood) - A box of "Oven Pride". She gave it to me a year or 3 ago.

Next Saturday sees the start of our 5th year on Matilda Rose and I thought I'd give her a treat so, stand back in amazement - I didn't know we had glass in the door!

Following my triumph with the oven, we broke some ice to service the boat and then reversed back up again, just in case we're going to get stuck for awhile. That done we made good use of the car we had today and drove into Northampton to do some shopping and then visited the littleys (the pre-school grandchildren).
 Andre - now walking so fast he blurred the photo
 Mylie upstaging grandad
Tylan - the newest addition
A very nice day and no-one threw up on me so that was a bonus


  1. Well done Jill!!! See it was worth the effort look at how 'saintly' it has made you feel...
    The Family has been busy..especially 'A' - you are going to have a good supply of lockies for a number of years now.
    X Lesley

    1. Lesley, it's rather like your Boat Safety Certificate really - it's great when it's over and doesn't have to be done again for another 4 years.
      We have 6 potential lockwheelers now - that should do it!!!

  2. All so positive today - so pleased. You have definitely been having a rough time of it lately what with one thing and another.
    That oven - just showing off!!! Perhaps cleaner works better the longer you keep it?

    1. We're all right Angela, stuff happens but I do thoroughly recommend leaving oven cleaner to mature for 3 years. It's also a well known fact that it works better if someone else uses it, but I couldn't convince G of this!