Friday, 3 February 2012

Checking out the crayfish pot

We decided we'd have a go at being good citizens and see if we could help divest the canal of the Signal Crayfish which are destroying our native breed/s; so we baited our pot and slung it overboard.
 Pulled it up yesterday morning with much anticipation and..nothing...zilch. Oh well, always tomorrow.

Later we walked the dogs and a sudden gust of wind blew us through the door of The Boat Inn. Those of you familiar with this particular hostelry will know how tiny the first room is and there were 3 more dogs than those pictured.
All the dogs let the pup hog the fire
All the dogs were fed with the dog treats on sale in aid of greyhound re-homing/rescue
and despite one of the bitches being on heat, got on famously
Until two walkers came in, the canines out numbered the humans


  1. Replies
    1. And some pubs kick up such a fuss about letting dogs in

  2. Uh I'll be the first to say it - maybe they got on famously because the bitch was on heat....

    Next time we see you remind us to tell you the story of our first dog (unspayed) and sister-in-law's neutered male dog under the table on Xmas day (years ago)....

    Jill will need the Tena....

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. The mind boggles Sue. Baxter is not in the picture due, I suspect, for similar reasons. Although he has been neutered subsequent to siring Muttley's litter he remembers what it's all about and she (the tart!) kept reversing into him, so we kept very tight control!!!

  3. No Signal Crayfish is a good thing!