Thursday 2 December 2010

Bit o' culture in Birmingham

It rather looks as if we could be over wintering in Birmingham whether we like it or not. We expected to stay for about 5 days, but we all know what happened next. With G away at an RAF helicopter reunion in London, I took myself off to the Symphony Hall for a Classic Rock Concert by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - it was sensational and I bounded back to continue rocking around MR high on adrenalin (there was no one around to bother, only the boys and Daisy and they are used to a lunatic mum). 
Flushed with joy at a reunion with live music, I booked myself into the Town Hall for a lunchtime organ recital on Monday.
A magnificent beast. Unfortunately, due to G returning from London with man flu, I was very tired and had a tendency to nod off. That's my excuse, but it was a little too highbrow for me if I'm honest. So I've gone back to basics and booked last night of the proms and a carol service-bit more suited to an unedumacated me.

Birmingham now starting to look quite festive - this is Brindley Place.

Stalactite hanging under the bridge as we walked home. I can do culture!!

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