Thursday 2 December 2010

Birmingham's Pantomime Horse Races

The Birmingham Pantomime Horse race took place last Sunday, Jill, Lesley and I decided we needed a bit of an cheery uplift, as we are stuck hard here on the BCN. The crowds were out in their thousands at the German Market and a few spilled over into Broad Street to watch this hilarious event.

Horses and riders lining up to enter the Parade Ring

Competitors pay the event organisers £50 to hire the costume and then are able to raise money for their chosen charity

The Ladies Race was a stylish affair, but as the race went on we saw who were the fillies and who were the mares.

The men's race was a little more hectic, not so much studs more like thugs, sorry lads.

Mens race on the final run in down hill to the finish.

Ah and here comes 'Viagra' a little 'Hard' to control 

And 'Viagra' again with his trews down around his ankles, the pill must have worn off!
We didn't have any money on the outcome, but a good time was had by all. Now off to the Pub for a little warming ales.

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