Monday 1 November 2010

Stratford on Avon to Wilmcote ( not all kids are bad!)

We pulled pins at 8.15am, WHAT, yes, b....y ..ll. watered and started our climb out of the lovely Stratford. 17  Locks later we were moored up at Wilmcote, but not without incident.

After 5 locks I started to get a rumble from the engine hole, not again pleeeease. Thankfully no, but for some reason the lock nuts on the stuffing box had worked their way loose, probably as a result of last weeks engine leg problem, after adjustments to the stuffing box and re-tightening the lock nuts all now appears to be OK. keeping my fingies and toes crossed.

Once under-way Jill was joined by a Grandfather and three of his Grandsons, they all started to help her turn the locks and our ascent was achieved much more quickly than usual, two of the lads asked whether they could have a ride on the boat, well I couldn't refuse. So a 9 year old and a 14 year old joined me on the back of 'MR'.

Thank you guys.

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