Wednesday 17 November 2010

Morris Dancers at Kings Norton

We're hanging around a bit waiting to take delivery of our new mattress at Lyons Boatyard at Warstock, so we wandered up onto the Worcester & Birmingham Canal  to Kings Norton last  Friday.

Woke on the Saturday to glorious sunshine and wandered up into the town to find, not only a farmers market,
but also to find that morris dancers were in town; dancing in front of the old Saracens building and the 14thC church.

This old Lambretta stirred some old memories of the "enemy" although no furry aerials in sight! More a leathers and big engines girl me.

I was careful to say Morris Dancers rather than 'Men' as, apart from the musicians, only two of the dancers were men - they are clearly struggling to keep up membership and I think we should enrol Graham & Joe.
Very special - England at it's finest.

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