Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Jill and Lesley were out on one of their long walks, Joe and I had been working on the boats and as is normal with any guy when work is finished it's time for a beer. Joe and I set of for The Narrowboat on the A5 next to Stowe Hill wharf, only to find it was closed for the afternoon. Undeterred we set off for the Plume of Feathers in Lower Weedon, and guess what it was open.
Just as we settled down for a couple of pints we were invaded by a crew off Narrowboat Teal, Ben, Judie, Greg and Becky, who were heading out onto the River Nene for a couple of days.As is always the case with us lads, two beers lead to three.... and when I arrived back at 'MR' I was in the P.... well only for failing to ring and let my beloved know what was happening. C'est la vie!
Here is Judie on the way back up The Grand Union and then onto Rugby.
Thanks guys Joe and I had a very pleasant afternoon, must do it again!

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