Friday, 29 October 2010

Engine makes a break for it

On our descent into Stratford on Avon I heard a nasty rumbling from the engine, initially it sounded like we had something wrapped around the propeller, I put the engine into reverse and tried to throw off any plastic bag that we may have picked up. yeah sound gone.... except that every time I put the engine into gear there was a low level rumbling, which was not the norm, but as soon as I put a few revs on the noise disappeared.

Port and Stbd engine legs Vetus 4-17
We carried on down the last 6 or 7 locks into Stratford, no probs except for that low grumbling noise. On arrival at Bancroft Basin I went down the engine hole, I could see absolutely nothing wrong , until I stood on the rear stbd engine mounting, which fell over 90 degrees. oops what have I done........

4.30pm Wednesday afternoon a phone call to River Canal Rescue, no probs sir we have two rear engine legs at Middlewich, we will post them to our engineer and he should be with you Friday. Friday pm Aaron, from RCR, arrives with the two new engine legs and after an hours graft, job done.

Thank you Aaron Forman.

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