Monday, 6 September 2010

St Neots - port in a storm

We arrived at Eaton Socon lock when the heavens opened - caught out in shorts and T-shirts in torrential rain, we couldn't get on to the rise and fall pontoon in the town centre, so we pulled across onto the park where the fair was setting up and the water levels were rising. No sooner had we secured MR than the rain stopped and the sun came out. We changed our clothes and I walked around the park, across the bridge and down onto the town moorings where everyone shoved up a bit so we could get the first 10ft of MR safely onto the pontoon. After a good natter with our delightful new neighbours on NB Blue on Blue, we retired to the excellent real ale and cider pub the 'Pig N Falcon', situated directly behind Waitrose. Never less than 10 real ales hand pulled, some of them only £2.00 a pint !!!!!!!

After sheltering there for 2 nights we did a dirty dash through Buckden for water and onto the GOBA moorings half way up to Brampton where he was able to fish and I ignored the disgusting weather and dragged the dogs out for a much needed (by me) 7 or 8 mile walk. The dogs were not impressed - they don't do wind and rain by choice.

 The town is very spread out, but has lovely buildings. The butcher does fabulous home made pies, lasagnes etc and is guaranteed to give you some fun grief if you like a bit of banter. I purchased a chicken and ham pie plus kidneys, black pudding, sausage and bacon for a dirty great fry up which we haven't had for months.
 I walked up to the old mill which is now a pub and restaurant; nicely done for a 'gastro' type place and the prices weren't too outrageous -  I stopped for a pint but, like all Casque Mark establishments, the beer is too cold for my tastes.
 Both the sluices had been opened and the water was looking worryingly lively, but the levels were starting to come down a bit - the EA do seem to manage the water levels extremely well.
 So, looking at the weather forecast and seeing that the winds were forecast to drop (horror stories of NBs sideways on across currents and bridges for the past 2 days) we thought we'd leave early, stopping at Godmanchester for maggots, have a quick look round Huntingdon and some lunch, before mooring at Houghton Island for the night.
 We left early according to plan.
By the time we cleared the lock and the Mill and entered the open area of Port Holme meadow the winds were made plans of mice and men and boaters.........


  1. Hi
    Just discovered your Blog Site! We were wondering where you had got to after the dentist!!! Didn't consider that you had turned around and gone back upstream!
    Glad to see that all is well and that the gnashers got full marks!!
    John & Angela on n/b "Ellen"

  2. Hi Angela, Teeth all serviced for another 12 months. Shame I can't get my body and brain fixed so easily! We're heading back towards the canal network now. Jill