Thursday, 26 August 2010

Waterbeach into Cambridge

Re-united with Caxton and Floyd & Fletcher..oh..and Lesley and Joe... with a pint in the dog friendly White Lion (not mentioned or indicated in the Imray book) in Waterbeach. Set off for Cambridge in the morning through the picturesque Baits Bite Lock. I love the Waterbeach mooring - great dog walks, 2 general stores, 2 pubs, butcher and a baker (not aware of any candlestick makers).
We moored on midsummer meadow as there were loads of empty spaces and local boaters suggested we should use them rather than see them wasted. The "visitor moorings" are now only on one side and tiny and accommodate around 3 cruisers long by 2 abreast AND the waterpoint. Not ideal for the accommodation of 2 narrowboats 66 and 68 ft long respectively!!!
Think one of the moorings we "borrowed" belonged to NB Lucky Duck away on her summer travels-thank you. What a stunning city and location-here are some of the pics:

The market was a great place to re stock with herbs and spices (including those hard to find ones) at the quantities you require in plastic bags - not expensive glass jars. Needless to say, I came away with some I'm not sure to do with and will probably never use; never mind, at least they were cheap.
I'm probably about to upset some people now (that'll make a change then) but, having lived around Oxford for a number of years, Cambridge is more enticing. Both, of course, have their architecture, colleges, punts, rowing rivalry, but Cambridge is compact and-unlike Oxford-has sorted it's traffic problems. I adored it and could easily spend 2 or more weeks there.
Had a good old poke about the city and met some fascinating people - but don't you always if you take the time, or have the luxury of taking the time?
For some reason, I can't transfer my photos from uploaded to blogger into the blog itself, so I'll have another go tomorrow.


  1. Glad you enjoyed Cambridge. I do have one minor correction though: the 48hr visitor moorings are between the trip boat "Georgina" and the lock on the opposite side to the water point and a short length outside the Ft St George pub (info/maps here:

    There is room for 5+ narrow boats but people often overstay and, of course, Cambridge is popular in the summer.

  2. Capt. James, thank you for straightening things out. When you arrive all you have to go by is the Imray guide and it's a bit confusing. We thought those moorings were residential. We, however, found somewhere to stay, were made incredibly welcome, loved the city and had a fantastic time. It doesn't get better than that!